“Not all who wander are lost.” 2012 ArtEffect at the Contemporary Art Museum. The theme was skateboard decks. Scott was again the Chair for this AIGA fundraising event. I said I wasn’t going to do it. Too busy. Then, I had an idea. It was so close to show deadline but I figured I could grab one of the extra boards and if it didn’t work out, nothing would be lost (except my time and the $20 it was going to cost me to do it).

Originally, my concept was to insert pins in the map to create the outlines of the words. I liked the idea of someone pinning where they went…and that it would spell out “Wander.” But it was going to take too many pins and I was afraid the concept would be lost (no pun intended). Plus, I couldn’t guarantee in the long-run that the pins would stay secure and I wanted to feel confident it could travel to and from the gallery without paranoia of damage to the pins.

Instead, I would simply embroider. The map was this sort of plastic–weatherproof, so I pre-holed the whole saying and then took it with me wherever I went. Sewing away for hours at a time. The size of the map wasn’t ideal to work with while watching soccer practice, but because of the resilience of the material it worked well enough.

I decided to let the word “Wander” carry most impact and let the other words be discovered. In the end, they blended in a bit too much for my liking, but there’s no undo. I dyed the yarn with tea, which helped a bit.

I’m sad I didn’t really get nice picture of the final on the wall. But I really like the one I have with the twins that helped me procure two other skateboards (and kept me constantly aware of the bidding on my own piece). And I’m kinda glad I didn’t see this until today.


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